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Why U S Software Inc

US Software Inc has over 12 years of experience in providing IT and Web services, which has enriched our capabilities to provide business-transforming solutions to our clients. Over the years, we have handled numerous projects of varying magnitutude and complexity and expanded our knowledge base, which has enabled us to acquire unparalleled expertise across verticals in diverse domains. From custom Software Development, IT Consulting, Web Design & Development to E-business Solutions and Back Office Support, we offer customized solutions for your every business need.
Our expertise in various technologies and tools enables us to deliver cutting edge value to our clients. As a corporate intent on satisfying our customers, technology and enhance our technological expertise accordingly to elevate ourselves to meet every client requirement.
Quality is integral to every process executed at USSI. We implement proven process methodologies executed by domain professionals and monitored by highly certified quality experts.
We adopt a highly customer-oriented business approach. We work in close association with clients to gain insight into their requirements and develop solutions that bring real value to their business. We are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure clear communication, fast knowledge transfer and high quality of deliverables.
Constant improvement is a ritual at USSI. Our comprehensive and advanced service portfolio is a reflection of our continual achievement in improvement of our process methodologies, technological expertise, QA practices, and management methods.
Our unparalleled business standards and ‘Customer First’ policy are responsible for our ‘Once an USSI Customer, Always an USSI Customer’ reputation in the clique.
Some of our competencies that can invest you with the cutting-edge :
  • Focused Business Solutions
  • Client-Friendly Environment
  • Guaranteed Results for all Projects, Big or Small
  • Good Technology Expertise Across a Wide Range of Verticals
  • Availability of Experts when and Where Required
  • On-site/Offshore Business Model
  • No Ambiguities in Onshore / Offshore Delivery Processes since Every Individual is given In-depth Process Training
  • Fluent English Communicators
  • State-of-the-Art Facility with High-End Hardware, all Uniformly Configured to Work Optimally in both Linux and Windows
  • Dedicated Internet Bandwidth Facility
  • Web, Voice and Video Conferencing Available
  • Highly Motivated Team with Fine Technical Knowledge
  • Good Number of Certified Professionals in Diverse Technology and Project Management
  • Project Team will work under Client Guidelines and Business Principles
  • Rigorous QA Monitoring
  • Centralized Communication, Transparency in Operation, Quality Deliverables
  • Effective Escalation Mechanism
  • All Technology and Business Support Services under One Roof
  • Authenticity – In the Process of Achieving ISO 9001 and CMMI Level 3
  • Advance and Reliable Methodology of Data Security to Ensure Data Confidentiality and Inegrity
  • Complete Training Assistance by USSI Personnel
  • 24/7 Technical Support

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