ERP - Hospital

U S Software Inc Hospital Management Software is a comprehensive and integrated hospital management software, designed to manage all aspects of hospital operations.(i.e. Outpatient and Inpatient management, Patient Registration, Doctor Appointment, Medical Billing,pharmacy management,Labrotory management, Radioloy Reporting Management, Finance & Accounts, HR/Payroll etc.

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ERP - Hospital

Hospital ERP Software Module Overview

All of our software modules can be mixed, matched and customized according to your need and organizational function.

Hospital Management

  • Token/Queue Management for Outdoor Patient
  • Patient Registration, Appointment, Admission
  • Doctor/Consultant’s Scheduling
  • Front Desk & Cash Management System
  • Monitoring Daily Activities, Reports and Supply of Medicine & Services
  • OT and Blood Bank Management System
  • SMS/E-mail Alert System for Patient Appointment, Pharmacy Short List, Medicine Expiry Date, Management Decision etc.
  • Referral Information Setup
  • Bed, Ward and Cabin Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Kitchen and Food Management
  • More...

Diagnosis Management

  • Consultant, Referral and Test Information Setup
  • Pathological Sample and Radiological Image Collection with Barcode
  • Test & Report Management System
  • Reports Include Physical Report, Laboratory Report, Radiology Report, Communicable Diseases & DOPE Test Report, DOPE Test Report etc.
  • General & Systemic Medical Examination
  • More...

Pharmacy Management

  • LAB Store Management
  • Central Store Management
  • Pharmacy Inventory Management
  • Lot/Batch Wise Stock Management
  • Stock Adjustment
  • More...

Prescription Management

  • Bio-matric Supported Prescription System to Prevent Duplicate Patient Entry and Faster Search Capability
  • Both Bengali and English Language Supports
  • More Than 20000 Drag Item Entries Including Manufacturing Info
  • Fully Suggestion Based Prescription Creating Support Facility
  • Conduct New Investigations and Consultations as Needed
  • Doctor can Setup Personal and Chamber Information that will be Printed in Prescription
  • A Lot of Analytical & Statistical Reports will Make Doctors Think and Decide More Confidently
  • No Need for an Internet Connection
  • More...

Accounting Management

  • General Ledger Reports (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance)
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Double Entry General Ledger, Sub Ledger
  • Payment & Receipt Vouchers
  • Auto Journals by Departments
  • View Ledger by Account and Sub Account with Beginning and Current Balance
  • Post Transactions by Current Date or Transaction Date
  • Includes Standard Chart of Accounts for Different Industries or Customize Your Own
  • Includes Assets, Liabilities, Equity, Revenue, COGS, Expense, Other Revenue and Other Expense
  • Easily Define Beginning Balances or Set All to Zero
  • More...

HR Management

  • Organizational Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Person Management
  • Unit and Position
  • Job & Task Management
  • Real-time Bio-metric Time Attendance
  • Leave and Holiday Management
  • Role Based User Management and Control
  • More...

Asset Management

  • Manage and Maintain Assets According to Unit and Category
  • Manage Asset Components
  • Scheduling Use of Assets for Operations
  • Assigning Asset to Operators Based on Schedule
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Manage Requisition for Required Material of Asset
  • Manage Requisition for Required Service of Asset
  • More...

Payroll Management

  • Manage Employee Information Efficiently
  • Define the Emoluments, Deductions, Leave Etc.
  • Generate Pay-slip at the Convenience of a Mouse Click
  • Generate and Manage the Payroll Processes According to the Salary Structure Assigned to the Employee
  • Generate all the Reports Related to Employee, Attendance/Leave, Payroll etc
  • Manage Your Own Security
  • Salary Settings
  • More...

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