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Referral marketing is a strategy that any business can use to increase their word-of-mouth reach. Referral marketing incentivizes or encourages consumers to tell their friends and family about a certain business.

In many cases, a person will tell someone they know about a business naturally, and that person will become a new shopper at your store. But offering referral incentives or even simply reminding your regular shoppers to tell their friends and family about you will bring in far more referred shoppers. Intentionally creating more shoppers through referrals will help your business grow quickly while keeping your marketing budget under control.

The U S Software Inc Financial Rewards Plan is one of the most competitive compensation plans in the industry.

1Customer Profit

RETAIL SALES: Purchase products at wholesale and sell them directly to your Retail Customers at a suggested retail price.

Buy It
Sell It

You Keep The Difference!


The structure has two legs (left leg and right leg) or sub-trees under each distributor. The new members sponsored by distributors are added either on the left leg or right leg. Upon adding two new members on either side of the subtree, the Referral Marketing structure gets formed. New members who join after them are sent downline or to the next business level.

A member’s front line is limited to two downlines, but the depth is limitless.
A two-leg downline of two-by-two levels is developed as distributors are recruited and the Referral Marketing structure fills in. The amount of levels that can be included in a Referral Marketing plan is unlimited.


EARN COMMISSIONS FROM YOUR TEAMS’ SALES: As you build a network of distributors, they are placed into your distributorship’s Team Tree on the right or left Team.

The commission will be generated per cycle

Pair Type: 5:4 or 4:5
Example: Your left leg is 5 members and your right leg is 4 members = 1 Cycle
Your left leg is 4 members and your right leg is 5 members = 1 Cycle

4Spillover Bonus

Spillover occurs when a member recruits more than two individuals. The spillover members are arranged in levels below the front-line members.

Spillover is the additional leg added to the Referral Marketing plan apart from the right and left leg of the Referral Marketing plan.

When a person joins, an organization has (have) to be formed. Spillover should be under their upline or sponsor. An organization is divided into two parts like left and right leg (for) the business group. For each side, the sponsor will have a downline in the first stage. When the positions become complete they can continue to recruit new downline members.

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