Data modeling is the study of data objects and their relationships with other data objects. It is the first step in designing and developing a database, as data modeling enables designers to create a conceptual data model of how each data item is related to the other. Data modeling also provides visual representation of data and its organization, for example the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD). It also forms an importance part of all database solutions.

Data models have multiple levels including:
Conceptual Data Model:

This defines the problem that needs to be addressed in your business. Conceptual data model is developed first and it includes entity relationships.

Logical Data Model:

This provides a logical solution to a data base project. Logical data model provides solutions on various problems identified in the conceptual data model and presents a platform for the creation of database.

Physical Data Model:

This describes the implementation of the modeling or logical data model in a physical database. Physical data model is developed after logical data model is designed.

Data modeling services at U S Software Inc Systems and Solutions

We at U S Software Inc offer you complete data modeling solution to your business needs right from conceptualizing to physical execution of the data model. Our conceptual data model addresses the exact requirements of your business where as our logical data model defines your database structure and provides you a complete business solution. We also ensure physical execution of the logical model in tune with the conceptual data model through our physical data model optimization.

Our data modelers ensure data tuning, data configuration and data optimization such that the data model meets the specific requirement of your business needs.

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of data management concepts, practices and procedures; data design and architecture; logical and physical modeling and development; relational data base management concepts and data integration.

We have expertise in working on the following data modeling tools, apart from other relational database management tools.

  • CA AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler
  • IBM Rational Rose Professional Data Modeler
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Architect (VSEA)
  • Oracle9i Designer
  • Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Tools
Our services also include:
  • On-call DBA support
  • Database Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Database Security
  • Data Migration
  • Database Programming