As the world transforms into a complete Web-driven global village, online businesses face the challenge to transform accordingly to deliver greater value. E-commerce technology has simplified online shopping, and the technology continues to evolve to render online shopping simpler and more secure for both value-providers and virtual shoppers.

U S Software Inc specializes in providing complete feature-packed solutions for design, development and maintenance of successful B2B and B2C e-commerce websites. We offer sophisticated Shopping Cart Management, Internet Payment Solutions, Feeds automation, Content Management, Web Development, and other high-end solutions that add value to key e-commerce components, to include online marketing, Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Supply Chain Management, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Automated Inventory Management.

Our expertise and knowledge in SEO & Internet Marketing enables us to understand the integrality of Search Engine Optimization and e-commerce websites and employ development techniques that ensure search-engine-friendly e- commerce solutions.
Our e-commerce capabilities provide you with

  • Professional e-commerce websites integrating creativity and functionality
  • Software solutions for a range of e-commerce activities (inventory management; integration with online payment gateways; CRM; sales tracking; etc.,), enhancing your business operability
  • Customized shopping carts and online stores, delivering a full-featured e-commerce environment
  • Online Marketing, creating greater brand awareness and brand affinity
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improving your Web presence and helping you reach the right audience faster
  • Reliable and Secure e-commerce Hosting with 99.9% guaranteed uptime
Shopping Carts

We leverage on our years of experience in e-commerce design, development and maintenance to build customized secure shopping carts and integrate it with your existing website, or develop a brand new online store customized to your requirements. We develop shopping carts with highly secure payment solutions that enable shoppers to pay instantly while ensuring security of sensitive information. We offer a broad range of technology options for e-commerce application development. Our expertise continues to reflect in our world-class e-commerce solutions that continue to create a global brand presence for our clients.

U S Software Inc performs installation, customization and maintenance of e-commerce applications based on advanced shopping cart software such as Volusion,aspdotnetstorefront, oscommerce, shopsite, and more. Our experienced technical coders can build custom modules and integrate them with shopping cartsoftware to enable an online store with enhanced features and functionality.

Comprehensive Shopping Cart Feature List

U S Software Inc’s e-commerce shopping cart provides a broad range of features to enable online business owners manage their e-business effectively. Customers can either choose from our array of e-commerce features in accordance with their business requirements; or we can customize these features to suit customer’s requirements; modify existing features; or provide customers with additional or completely new features for effective online store administration. Our shopping cart features include but are not Inc to

Shopping Cart Design Features
  • Complete e-commerce website with shopping cart, content management features, customer management, and more features
  • Drag and Drop Design
  • Password-Protected Web Pages
  • Support for General Website Disclaimer Message
  • Individual Pages for Best-Selling Products and New Products
  • Support for common display formats
  • Built-in Editor
  • Built-in Help Setup
  • Support for purely informational Catalog Only sites
  • Support for Store News Content
  • Facility to e-mail product pages to friends
  • Layouts based on CSS
  • Dynamic Data-Driven Pages
  • Custom Store Design
  • HTML & CSS Editor based on browser, for store designs
Shopping Store Features
  • Support for Tangible and Intangible (software & other downloadable products) Goods
  • Automatic E-mail to Customers Buying Downloadable Products with Download Instructions
  • Live Order Tracking
  • Email Order Notification & Confirmation
  • SMS Order Notification
  • E-Mail Notification in case of Order Modification
  • Support for Phone Orders
  • Coupons, Gift Certificate, Gift Cards, E-Coupons
  • Sorting of Products in any order Possible
  • Support for Custom-Defined Customer Levels
  • Customer Level Tracking
  • Customer-Level-Based Display of Products
  • Customer Address Book
  • Customer Order History
  • Special Discounts, Free Shipping, etc., Based on Customer Level
  • Multiple Billing/Shipping Addresses for Every Customer
  • Single Click Re-Order Facility
  • Integration with Live Chat Software
  • Advanced Customer Search
  • Quick Search for Products
  • Facility to Add Multiple Products to Cart Simultaneously
  • Subscriptions to Newsletters
  • Saved Search Views (Order views, Customer views, Product Views, etc.,)
  • Support for Void & Refund (Full/Partial)
  • Support and Add-Hoc Charges
  • Built-in Mailing System to send E-Mails or HTML newsletters to customers who have registration, or exclusively to customers who have placed orders
  • Store Operation through Easy-to-Use Control Panel
  • Automatic Installation of Databases
  • Automatic Upgrades to Newer Database Versions
  • Products, prices, shipping, etc., can be configured from the administration site itself
  • Customers can view all orders previously placed
  • Customer profiles can be edited or deleted; customer address books, their billing information, etc., can be updated by administrators
  • Customizable Order Receipt format
Product Management
  • Accommodation for Maximum Number of Products
  • Maximum Number of Product Categories
  • Nesting of Categories up to any Level Possible
  • Extensive Catalog of Products
  • Catalog Management Facility
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Inventory Management by Attributes (Size, Color, etc.,)
  • Inventory Reporting
  • Option to Inform Customer about Inventory Availability Details on Product Page
  • Low Stock/Out-of-Stock Notifications through Messages/Emails
  • Mapping of Products to more than a Single Category/Department Possible
  • Back-end Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Interactive Shopping Carts
  • Supply Chain Integration
  • Complete, Secure Ordering Capabilities
  • B2B Integration
  • B2B Exchanges
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Support for small- medium- and large-sized images
  • Support for Multiple Small-, Medium- and Large-Sized Images per Product
  • Automatic Thumbnail-Sized Product Image Creation
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Automatic Image Watermarking
  • Support for Image Galleries
  • Product Quantities Inc to Preset Values
  • Support for Product Variants
  • Support for Different Pricing and Attributes of Variants
  • Product Reviews
  • Specification of a List of Related Products with Automatic/Manual Option
  • Custom Fields for Every Product
  • Bulk Product Import from Excel/XML
  • Wish List Supported
  • Multi-Language Support (Customers can select language of choice during run-time. Supported languages details are managed by the store administrator.)
  • Multi-Currency Support (Customers can select their choice of currency during run-time. Store Administrator manages allowed currencies.)
  • Support for providing complete product description within the store site, or external product description link support, or incorporation of pop-ups detailing product specifications
  • Support for ‘Kits’/ Build to Order Products
  • Reports on Total Number of Customers, Popular Products, Customer Signups, Order Revenue, Items Sold, Revenue per Customer, and other customized reports based on chosen attribute
  • Customer can review products and rate them
  • Administrator can moderate comments on product review
  • Automatic scrutiny for profane language usage in comments
  • Customer can place product return requests from the store
  • Customized Product Return Instructions
  • Customized Product Return Reasons
  • Customized Actions on Product Return
  • E-mail/SMS Notification to Store Owner on Product Return Request Placement
  • Product Return Status Updates to Customers through E-mail
  • Automatic e-mailing of order receipts to customers
  • E-mail/SMS notification to customers informing them of shipping of products
  • E-mail/SMS notification to customers informing them about downloadable components of the product
Internet Payment Options
  • Manual Gateway (Actions are confined to just orders and payment information collection for offline processing)
  • Merchant Account/Gateway Integration
  • Support for Processing of Credit Cards in Real-Time
  • Acceptance of Payments In Any Currency
  • Support for Payment by Checks, Cash on Delivery/ COD, E-checks
  • Checks by Mail
  • Request for Quote
  • ACH
Supported Payment Gateways
  • PayPal Express
  • Bank Of America
  • BBS Netaxept
  • Central Payments
  • Google Checkout
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • Shopping Cart designed to support SSL / Secure Socket Layer Encryption for secure ordering. Cart switches to safe mode automatically when essential. Any brand of dedicated SSL certificate is supported.
  • Tracking of IP Addresses - IP addresses are logged for safety and audit purposes.
  • Address Verification System/AVS reporting from gateways for all orders
  • Regular Change of Password as per PABP (PCI DSS) Requirements
  • Password Salting & Hashing
  • Any customer can be locked out by the store administrator for fraudulent behavior, or for security reasons
  • Spurious orders can be indicated as fraud for later detection
  • CAPTCHA provision to ensure authenticated login
  • Every Password Change operation is recorded
  • Customers are given the option to choose if they want their credit card information to be stored
  • Secure, password-shielded Administrator Control Panel
  • Check for Cookie Manipulation or Cookie Poisoning
  • Backups and Restores for website information, product information and store transactions
  • Delayed Downloads – To provide store owners time for verification of buyer’s fraud/payment history before releasing the downloads
Shipping & Tax
  • Flexible Shipping Calculators based on Order Total/Order Quantity/Zip Code Zone or multiple chosen attributes
  • Real time Shipping Interfaces, to include
    • UPS
    • DHL International
    • USPS
    • Australia Post
    • Canada Post
  • Product Shipping Tracking notification to customers through e-mail
  • Support for multiple shipping addresses per order
  • Automatic Tax Calculations based on State, Country tax rates
Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing Capabilities
  • Fully Dynamic Site Map
  • Support for Google XML Site Maps
  • Support for Yahoo XML Site Maps
  • Search Statistics
  • Keyword & Keyword Phrases Analysis
  • Automatic Correction of Search Terms
  • Integration with Google Analytics or with other Analytics Packages
  • Banner Management
  • URLs compatible with Search Engines
  • Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Page Titles, for the Entire Website
  • Product and Category Pages are so designed to enable Search Engines fully crawl and index each and every product and category page, which can increase website ranking enormously
  • Custom Affiliate Program Setup/ Integration with Popular Affiliation Programs
  • Affiliate Conversion Tracking
  • Customized Traffic Reports
  • Reports and Graphs Detailing Visitor Trends
  • Reports on Affiliate Revenue
  • Visitor–to-Buyer Statistics
Technical/Customer Support
24X7 support through
  • Telephones
  • E-mail/Online Forms
  • Online Chat Resources
  • Knowledge Base/ FAQs/ Blogs
E- Commerce Consulting

We help you build an ideal online shopping store for your business requirements through E-Commerce Consulting. Our experienced e-commerce consultants work in close association with clients and

  • Determine key business requirements
  • Identify Long-term Requirements
  • Assign Priority Levels to Each Requirement
  • Understand client business requirements and identify reliable online store systems, customized shopping carts, online accounting systems, internet payment solutions, and shipping methods that best fit the client requirements and budget
  • Perform Accounting System Integration
  • Develop the Online Shopping Store
  • Set up Data Feeds for ‘Compare’ Websites
  • Provide SEO & Internet Marketing Consulting
  • Support you in managing your site employing optimal shopping website management techniques that ensure a successful ecommerce website
Additional Support/Sign-Up Support

Credibility is the key to a successful online store. Our e-commerce consultants can help you with their knowledge of building genuine online shopping stores that can generate trust in customers. We offer consultation, sign-up and support services for online payment protection systems, and certification by franchises established to ensure safe and secure e-commerce stores that sell only reliable products to customers, such as

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • VeriSign Verification Process/VeriSign SSL Certification
  • McAfee Secured
  • ACH (Automated Clearing House)
  • BizRate and
  • Other Such Credibility-Certifiers
Our E-Commerce Technology Expertise

HTML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Java, JavaScript, XML, VB, VB.NET, VBScript, C/C++


Windows, UNIX, Linux,


Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access


IIS 4.0/5.0/6.0, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, Application Server, SQL Server, Apache, Linux, Cold Fusion


COM/DCOM/COM+, SOAP, ADSI, ADO, ODBC, OLE DB, DTS, OLAP, SQL-DMO I and II, UML, Design Patterns, JDBC, Java Beans, Swing/JFC, Servlets, .Net Framework, XSL, Office 2003 API, SQL Server 2000

Design & Development

Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe FreeHand, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL/XSLT, CSS, JSP, JavaScript, VBScript.


osCommerce, ShopSite, Volusion, Zen Cart, X-Cart, CubeCart, VirtueMart, Magento, Ubercart, PrestaShop, Ofbiz, Interchange, Satchmo, PHPCart, PHP Shop, Agora Cart, AFCommerce, JShop, Cart32, CartIt, EasyCart, PDG Shopping Cart, QuikStore, smc WebStore, Midi Cart, Retail Cart, VP*ASP, EDatCat, XMart eCommerce, Avactis, DigiShop, PHPCart, INetStore, IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite, Microsoft Commerce Server, ICN Software's AceFlex B2C, Merchandizer Pro, Network Solutions, SunShop, StoreFront 6 AE, 1ShoppingCart Pro, Mercantec Softcart, GoEmerchant I-Store

Java-Based E-Commerce

CoreCommerce, Avetti, KonaKart, broadleafcommerce, ElasticPath